10 December 2012

BDC has Railroad "Stuff"

In honor of the 20th annual Beaufort Railroaders Model Train display, here is a selective list of materials we have on the railroads of our past: 
From our Donner Collection

SC 333.7313 SOU Prospectus: South Carolina Land and Improvement Company of Port Royal; Acts incorporating the South Carolina Land and Improvement Co., and South Atlantic Railroad Company, South Carolina Land and Improvement Company, 1877.

SC 385 DER Centennial history of South Carolina Railroad by Samuel Melanchthon Derrick, 1975, c1930.

SC 385.54 FER Argent: last of the swamp rats by Mallory Hope Ferrell,1994.

385 FET Logging railroads of South Carolina by Thomas Fetters, c1990.  (BDC, BEA, HHI) 

REF 385 PRI Atlantic Coast Line Railroad: steam locomotives, ships, and history by Richard E. Prince, 1966. (BEA) 

SC 385 SOU South Carolina rail plan, 1980 prepared for the Federal Railroad Administration; pursuant to 49 CFR part 266.15; submitted by the South Carolina Public Service Commission; prepared by Wilbur Smith and Associates, 1980. 

973.7757 STO Vital rails: the Charleston & Savannah Railroad and the Civil War in coastal South Carolina by H. David Stone, Jr. (BDC, ALL Branch Libraries) 

975.7 WIL Railroads and sawmills: Varnville, S.C., 1872-1997: the making of a Low Country town in the new South, compiled and edited by Rose-Marie Eltzroth Williams, 1998 (BDC, HHI)

SC 975.799 PET Petition of members of the Constitutional Convention of South Carolina, praying aid to the Port Royal Railroad Company in completing its road from Port Royal to Augusta, Georgia [Pamphlet article], 1868. 

SC 975.799 WHI A brief history of Beaufort, S.C. and vicinity, [Pamphlet]: its advantages as a winter and summer resort by Joseph W. White, c1879. 

SC PRINT #27 Firing into a train on the South Carolina railroad: narrow escape of the passengers: Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, March 12, 1859 from a sketch by our special artist taken on the spot. 

SC PRINT #28 The Federal troops, under Generals Brannan ad Terry, driving the Confederates, under General Walker, across the Pocotaligo Bridge, near the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, October 22d, 1862 from a sketch by W.T. Crane.

SC PRINT #84 Waiting for the Mid Night Express : A.C.L.R.R. Dispatch Office - Yemasee, [sic] S.C. by Monica Montgomery Benefiel. 
SC MAP #118 Port Royal Railroad, National Archives, inaccurately dated as [186-?]. Copy of a hand-drawn map, showing the Port Royal Railroad as it bypasses Battery Creek, Cedar Grove Plantation, Battery Plantation, and School Farm (sold to S. C. Millett) and ending at the wharf. "This series consists of township plats for St. Helena's Parish, South Carolina, showing certificate numbers and names of landowners. Also, there are land survey and ownership maps."--NARA Web site.

SC MAP #154 Map of the seat of war in South Carolina, and Georgia by Evans & Cogswell, [1861]. 

SC MAP #615 Map of the Okeetee Club lands, Hampton & Beaufort Counties, South Carolina, 1900. 
SC MAP #659 The Geographical Publishing Company's Premier Map of South Carolina, 1931?.

SC MAP #664 South Carolina railroads. Rand McNally and Company, 1898, c1895.

SC MAP #674-A The Rand McNally new commercial atlas map of South Carolina: 1914.

SC MAP #674-B The Rand McNally new commercial atlas map of South Carolina: [1916].

SC MAP #732 South Carolina History Series: SC 8, Physical [map], 1989.

REF BDC MAP COLLECTION Rand McNally Black and White Mileage Map South Carolina: 1921.

REF SCROOM Rand McNally standard map of South Carolina, 1949?

Visit the BDC to review the contents of our vertical files: Railroads, Port Royal Railroad Company

Browse on the subject “Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company,” “Railroad Stations,” and “Trestle” in our digital “Phosphate, Farms, and Family: The Donner Collection.” Images copyrighted by Beaufort County Library. 

Check out our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/BDC.BCL this week for images of some of our railroad related materials. 

And don't forget to use our SCLENDS catalog to find many other railroad related materials here in Beaufort County Library.  There are loads of factual railroad books for adults and children.  There are loads of railroad and train stories for grown ups, teens, tweens, and kids.  Why not pick up a few railroad related picture books to share with your child or grandchild, visit the model train display, and head home for a book reading session and some hot chocolate?  Make a visit to Beaufort Branch and/or Beaufort District Collection the highlight of one of your trips downtown this week.  

The Model Trains are located in Beaufort Branch Library, 311 Scott Street, this Tuesday through Saturday only.   

Schedule: Tues., Dec. 11th 1 pm - 8 pm
                  Wed., Dec. 12th 10 am - 5 pm
                  Thurs., Dec. 13th 1 pm - 8 pm
                  Fri., Dec. 14th 1 pm - 5 pm
                  Sat., Dec. 15th 9 am - 5 pm 

The BDC Research Room is not a part of Beaufort Branch Library so our hours are different.  We are located on the 2nd floor of 311 Scott Street. We are open Mondays through Fridays, 10 am until 5 pm. Drop by to Beaufort County Library's special collections and archives.  We'd love to assist you.

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Archigator said...

My grandfather was a brakeman on the C&WC Railroad in the 1920's and ran the route from Port Royal to Yemassee and back twice a day. Before he was married in 1921, he lived at a boarding house in Port Royal that he said served a mound of biscuits at the breakfast table every morning that were the best he'd ever had! During his tenure on the railways, he was caught in two train wrecks. One wreck occurred at night when he and a friend were in the caboose. It was a cold night, and they had a coal fire going in the stove. The train jumped the tracks on a hill and rolled downhill in the dark. Hot coals were flying all about the inside of the caboose as the car rolled end-over-end. His friend was thrown out of the caboose. When the cars came to a stop, my grandfather found his friend in the dark, dead, laying on a flat spot of the hill... having been crushed by the rolling caboose. I still have my grandfather's (and his father's) railroad watch.