18 February 2013

BCL Online Resources: Databases

Have your checked out what hides behind the "Online Resources" tab on our Library's homepage (www.beaufortcountylibrary.org)?  There you will find links to a number of subscription databases we offer our customers, grouped into categories that we hope will make the databases easier to find and use.  

"Online Resources" then "Research Resources"
A few months ago, we rearranged the "Research Resources" to make it more customer friendly. What do you think?  Did we succeed in making the portal more customer friendly? 

Passcodes and brochures on how to access these databases from your home or office are available through all our Branch Libraries for registered borrowers.  Be sure to ask our reference librarians for help. Visit our Programs and Events calendar for formal training on how to use these resources.  

Please note: Ancestry Library Edition is not available outside our facilities.  

1 comment:

Robyn Allen said...

In the Research and Learning section of Online Resources showing the names of the different sections with a corresponding picture defintely makes the section more user friendly and helpful to patrons.