27 February 2013

The BDC is on Facebook

Did you know that you don't have to have a Facebook account to see what we post on the BDC's Facebook page?  Please visit us often.  If you want to post a comment, though, you'll need your own Facebook account.

Uncertain about how to use Facebook? Click here for a "Facebook Beginner's Guide." (The Library even has classes to help you get comfortable with Facebook. Check our calendar for upcoming classes.)

Why should you bother visiting us on Facebook?  There are unique posts on Facebook, just as the longer format of blogging allows different content here in Connections.  Sometimes there is a slight level of overlap but seldom is the content exactly duplicated across the formats. In fact, you missed some unique Facebook postings about local African-American history during February on our page. Ever heard of "The Yellow Canary?" On our Facebook page you can find out more about this significant African-American politician and South Carolina State University President!

Just don't expect the BDC to "tweet."  I can't possibly boil down such fabulously rich content as we have in the Library's special collections and archives unit into a mere measly 140 characters or less! To put it colloquially, "It ain't happening."

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