08 March 2013

Notable Women of 20th Century Beaufort County: Part 1

Kate Gleason, 1965 - 1933. (Beaufort County Library)

Each year National Women's History Month employs a unifying theme and recognizes national honorees whose work and lives testify to that theme. The theme for 2013 is "Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination.”  Among this year's National Women’s History Month nominees is Kate Gleason, born Catherine Anselm Gleason in Rochester, NY on January 9, 1865.   Although Miss Gleason never earned her engineering degree, she practiced engineering – and employed Beaufort County tradesmen on her local building projects during the deepest days of the Great Depression.   To honor Gleason’s contribution to Beaufort County, here is a short guide to resources: 

  • Kate Gleason was called a "Godsend" to Beaufort during the Great Depression by former Coroner Roger Pinckney. She hired local workers to build and renovate the Gold Eagle Tavern. She converted houses into apartments. Read this Beaufort Gazette article and other clippings about her in the “Gleason, Kate (1865-1933)” vertical file housed in our Research Room. 
  • Her biography, The Life and Letters of Kate Gleason by Janis F. Gleason, is available in the BDC and all branch our branch library local history sections. Call # B GLE  
  • With the proper passwords, you can even learn about her through our subscription databases!  See your branch library staff for details on how to access our online research resources.  
  • (Image is from our Lucille Hasell Culp Collection. Copyright reserved.)

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