28 January 2014

Library System Closes at 2 pm


Message at 12:18 pm, 28 January 2014: 
Due to the inclement weather predicted, Beaufort County Administrator Gary Kubic has authorized all Beaufort County Government offices close at 2:00 p.m. today. All Beaufort County offices will remain closed until noon Thursday, January 30, 2014.

“I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of county employees and  county citizens is of the greatest importance,” said Beaufort County Administrator Gary Kubic.

Mr. Kubic urges all Beaufort County citizens to pay attention to weather reports and road conditions.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,  
Joy Nelson
Public Information Officer
Beaufort County

PS: As long as the power stays on, you can visit the "Virtual BDC" under the Local History tab on the library system's homepage: www.beaufortcountylibrary.org

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