23 February 2014

Remembering The Way It Was

Long-time resident journalist, Fran Marscher, conducted interviews with local notables throughout Beaufort County to capture the essence of our beloved communities. Before she knew it, there were three volumes of oral histories about what it was like to live in Beaufort County during the 20th century. 
Because this is Black History Month, I would like to point out that Remembering The Way It Was has interviews with many local well-known African-Americans, such as William Aiken, Norman Banner, Georgianna Barnwell, Eleanor Barnwell, Johnny Blue,  Jackson Brown, Lily Blue Chisolm, Paul Chisolm, Thomas and Annie Fuller, Sarah Riley Hooks, Queenie Gadsden Jenkins,  John Martin, Bobby Middleton,  Ralph Middleton, Charlie Simmons, Sr. and Gardenia White.

Of course, we have the series in the Library's special local history collection and archives, the Beaufort District Collection but we've purchased plenty of copies to share through the Library system's local history sections. Visit one of our branch libraries and check out a copy!

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