03 August 2014

BDC Digital Collections Statistics

We were fortunate to be a pilot project for the inclusion of holdings from public libraries into the South Carolina Digital Library in 2007. Our mutually beneficial association continues through the auspices of the Lowcountry Digital Library. There are currently 169 collections from various coastal libraries, archives, and museums within the Lowcountry Digital Library.  Heather Gilbert, Project Director of the Lowcountry Digital Library recently shared our FY 2014 statistics with me (italics are mine):
Here are your usage statistics for the year. As always, they are extremely impressive.

From July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014:

The Lucille Hasell Culp Collection received 21,940 item views!  
In April 2014 and May 2014 it was our most viewed collection in the entire digital library. In June 2014 it was our 3rd most viewed collection.  In July, September, August, December, January and February, it was one of our top ten most viewed collections.

Phosphate, Families and Farms received 23,211 item views!
In March and April 2014 it was our 2nd most viewed collection. In July, August, September, October, November and December, it was one of our top ten most viewed collections.

On months not mentioned above, neither collection ever slipped below the top thirty collections viewed.  Your institution's materials is still always in the top 20% of all material viewed in the entire digital library.

Combined your collections yielded an extremely impressive 45,151 item views for the time period stated above. Your collections are consistently some of the most utilized materials in the Lowcountry Digital Library.
Visit the Lucille Hasell Culp Collection: A Celebration of Beaufort South Carolina and the Phosphate, Farms and Family: The Donner Collection and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!

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