06 October 2014

"Creating the Carolinas" Exhibit Now Open

Conference attendance often has added benefits beyond learning best practices and acquiring new skills. Interaction with colleagues from other institutions almost invariably benefits Beaufort County Library.

I learned about the "Shaping of South Carolina" exhibit at the 2013 tri-state (a combined SC, NC, and GA) Archival conference in Greenville. The South Carolina Historical Society graciously loaned us their traveling exhibit to display October 1, 2014 through January 30, 2015.  It's a fascinating story of adventure, politics and boundary making over the past of 400 years.  Kings, political deals, Indian treaties, and misguided surveying all helped create our state lines.  Come learn just how troublesome establishing state boundaries can be.  

The exhibit is open when the BDC is open, that is usually Mondays - Fridays, 10 am - 5pm, except when we're not (as in this Wed., Oct. 8th when the Library staff will have Fall In-Service training.) 

!!!!!! Extra special opportunity!!!!! Come to the "What the Heck Is It?" artifact identification session, Sat., Oct. 18th, Noon to 3 pm - and see this exhibit while you wait. 

We’re offering three lectures to supplement the exhibit. First up is Archaeologist Chris Judge, USC-Lancaster whose research focus is on Native Americans on October 22nd.  On November 6th, Alan-Jon Zupan and David Ballard of the SC Geologic Survey will be here to discuss the issues and challenges of the surveying the state's boundaries through time; and on January 15th, USC-Professor Emeritus, Dr. Larry Rowland will explain all about the "Treaty of Beaufort."   

Please take advantage of this educational and informative exhibit and the supplemental lecture series.  Both the exhibit and each lecture are free and open to the public!

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