12 January 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr. Rested and Wrote at Penn Center

Martin Luther King, Jr. Photograph by Marion S. Tikosko, 1964. Library of Congress
Many folks are not aware that King used to visit Penn Center for respite from his public political activities campaigning for Civil Rights during the 1960s. It is said that he wrote much of his "I Have a Dream" speech at Penn Center. You can view that historic speech online.

To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, January 16th, we suggest one item of particular local historical interest. For more information about his visits to our area, please check out I will not be silent and I will be heard: Martin Luther King Jr., the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Penn Center, 1964-1967 by J. Tracy Power. The booklet is available through the SCLENDS consortium catalog.

Interested in the role that one of the first schools organized to educate formerly enslaved people played from 1862 until the present day? We suggest that you read Penn Center: A History Preserved by Orville Vernon Burton to learn more about this highly significant local institution.

For those who want to dig even deeper, we have the microfilm series of the Penn School Papers in the BDC along with a number of other materials about Penn Center.

But wait! We have lots more about Martin Luther King, Jr., too! A search in the SCLENDS catalog for the keywords "Martin Luther King" results in 772 hits. Restricting the search to "Martin Luther King, Jr." as a subject heading within the Beaufort County Library catalog results in 115 hits. You'll need to come to the BDC to read the contents of the King, Martin Luther, Jr. (1929-1968) vertical file.

Please remember: All Beaufort County Library branches will be closed on Monday, January 16th to celebrate the contributions of Martin Luther King, Jr. Regular hours resume Tuesday, January 17th.

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