25 February 2017

The Civil War comes to Beaufort ... Again

The Reconstruction Living History Encampment is soon upon us. We kick off the festivities with a lecture in the Beaufort Branch Library on Friday March 3rd. 

2.27.2017 - "Beaufort in the Civil War" lecture has reached capacity. Registration is now closed.

News Flash! News Flash!  Two historians for the price of one! Dr. Larry Rowland will be joining Dr. Wise in the lecture phase of the BHM/BCL Local History series program "Beaufort in the Civil War" on Friday, March 3rd at 2:00 pm. They are also bringing copies of their masterwork: The 3 volumes of The History of Beaufort County South Carolina, 1514 - 2006 to sell and autograph. 

I do so hope that you've already reserved your seat since there were only a few left as I was writing this post. Register on the Beaufort History Museum website "Events" tab: https://beauforthistorymuseum.wildapricot.org/event-2443137 Please note: the session will be closed when all the available seats are registered. 

I like that folks actually check out the Library system newsletter and even send me questions from time to time about our program offerings. Here's one I received recently: 
> I saw this program on the library newsletter. Can you tell me more about it, such as the time and length?
> Thanks, Library Customer

Dear Library Customer, 

Thank you for asking.

Dave Smoot, in real life the Parris Island Museum Tech, used to run a living history museum in Virginia. His passion is Civil War era medical practices. He portrays a Union surgeon this time. He'll be available from 9 am until 4:30 pm to answer visitor questions about those practices - based on medical manuals of the period. It's more of a drop-in show-and-tell than a traditional Library program where the speaker talks for 45 minutes about the topic of the day.

Take in the Encampment across the street and then wander over to see Dave or vice versa. Both will be open on an on-going basis - though we'll be packing up with Dave at 4:30p.

Does this answer your question?


>Yes it does. That sounds like a nice program, and I think my wife and I will stop by to see both.

A reminder: The Library's Civil War Medicine program is free for all ages though Dr. Smoot recommends that younger children may find the subject matter a bit too advanced for enjoyment. The Encampment is free of charge though the Beaufort History Museum is pleased to accept free will donations. If you want to see the exhibits in the Museum itself, there is an admission fee. Details: www.beauforthistorymuseum.com 843-379-3079

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