06 March 2017

Encampment 2017 was a success!

On Friday and Saturday, the Beaufort County Library's Beaufort District Collection participated in the Beaufort History Museum's Second Annual Living History Encampment. In some ways year 2 was even more exciting
than our first year. We hope to be included in Year #3!

1) We hosted a great lecture presented by "History Rock Stars" to kick off the encampment. On Friday, March 3rd, a SRO crowd attended the lecture "Beaufort in the Civil War" with Dr. Stephen R. Wise and Dr. Lawrence S. Rowland. The newly remodeled Beaufort Branch Meeting Room is certainly being well used by the BHM/BCL local history series programs. Since September 2016, we've had 658 people attend our BHM/BCL series.(A word to the wise: BHM/BCL programs tend to fill up quickly. Monitor the BHM website to sign up for future programs: www.beauforthistorymuseum.wildapricot.com "Events")

"Beaufort in the Civil War" Lecture BHM/BCL local history series

2) We had more people participate in Library based and staffed activities during the 2017 Encampment.  The Library hosted Union surgeon, Dr. Tooms from 9 am until 4:30 pm. 325 people came to our side of Craven Street to learn about Civil War era medical practices either before or after their visit to the Arsenal for the other Encampment demonstrations. (More images are on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/BDC.BCL)

Soldiers line up for Sick Call. Encampment 2017

We set up a display board of some of our many Civil War related materials.
Dr. Tooms brought along his medical bag, medicine, and instruments to treat the ill and wounded.
What you learn about Civil War medicine can be surprising.

Dr. Tooms returns to the BDC in two weeks, this time as Mr. Dave Smoot, to tell us all about how Parris Island helped prepare the Marines for World War I. This program on Saturday, March 18, 2017 will begin at 1:00 pm in the Beaufort Branch Meeting Room. 

First come; first seated. Doors open at 12:40 pm.

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