19 May 2017

Hail and Farewell, Ashley!

Today was a sad day here in the Beaufort District Collection. 

It was Ashley Sylva’s last day on the payroll of Beaufort County Library. We had a great run. I hate to see her go but duty called her Marine husband away. She has been a wonderful contributor to the success of the BDC during her tenure as the Preservation Associate. Among her many contributions were: 

  • unfailingly exceptional customer service
  • a spirit of inquisitiveness that kept me on my toes
  • lots of metadata creation for the Arnsberger Postcard Collection
  • some long needed materials repairs
  • perkiness in spite of the drudgery of doing the vast majority of the inventory. (Only about one compact shelf array to go...)

I couldn't have survived the vigorous Beaufort History Museum / Beaufort County Library local history series, the health issues in my family life, or the postcard digitization project without her assistance and willingness to pitch in and "git 'er done." The BDC docents, our customers, and I will miss her cheerful good nature, her sincere desire to help others, her research savvy, and her digitization skills more than I can put into words. (Though to tell the truth, her unfailing cheerfulness in the morning could on occasion be a bit annoying for a morning grouch like me.) We wish her a heartfelt Bon Voyage!

On the other hand, dear readers, this means her position is open! Think that you have the skills, aptitudes, educational background, and the moxie to work here in the BDC? The announcement is on the Beaufort County Government website at http://www.bcgov.net/employment/Library%20Assistant%20IV%20-%20Preservation%20Assistant%20Beaufort.php If you'd like the actual position description, just send me an email before 25 May (gracec@bcgov.net). You know that old saying about the lottery: "You can't win if you ain't in," don't you? If you're interested, I encourage you to apply and get the completed application to Beaufort County's Employee Services Department on or before the deadline date of 5/26/2017. 

Reminder: The BDC Research Room will be closed Mon., May 22nd while I am out at the Reconstruction Planning grant seminar and the Library will be closed Mon., May 29th to observe Memorial Day.

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