30 September 2009

Why Compact Shelves and Why Now?

Click here to see my sales pitch about why the BDC must have compact shelving upstairs before we can move.

The Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County is the fiscal agent for the BDC compact shelving fund-raiser.

You may contact Sandra Saad, Director of Marketing and Development or Miriam Mitchell, her associate, for details.

Checks should be made out to the "Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County" with a notation that your donation is for the "Beaufort District Collection" compact shelving project. [The PLF is currently raising money for another project as well. If you want your donation to go towards the BDC compact shelving project, please indicate this clearly on your donation.]

Mailing Address:

Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County
311 Scott Street, Suite 201
Beaufort, South Carolina 29902

If you can see your way clear to donate funds towards the project, please do.

If your donation is received by the Public Library Foundation of Beaufort County before October 28th, your name will be placed in a Friends of the Beaufort County Library drawing to win an autographed copy of A History of Beaufort County, South Carolina, vol. 1 by Dr. Larry Rowland.

Any donation that you can make to help us reach our goal of $85,000 will be graciously appreciated.

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