12 April 2011

150 Years Ago Today: Firing on Fort Sumter

A number of web sites, Civil War organizations, or magazines with components (some online) are commemorating the Firing on Fort Sumter 150 years ago today. Here are just a few:

The Civil War Trust has launched a new webpage. The "Animated Map: Battle of Fort Sumter" is an excellent presentation that runs for about 7.5 minutes. That page also includes links to a Photo Gallery, maps and articles.

Searching on the year "1861" and "Fort Sumter" in the South Carolina Digital Library website results in 62 hits of images, books, and documents.

Richard W. Hatcher is the National Parks Service historian of the Fort Sumter National Monument. He writes about "The Problem in Charleston" in the Winter issue of the online Hallowed Ground Magazine.

Visit the BDC Research Room to read "Fort Sumter: An overview of its Development, 1816- 1861" by Pat Hendrix and Danna Gosney, in the Winter 2010 issue of Carologue, pp. 10 - 21 has arresting graphics, maps, photographs, and diagrams. The Spring 2011 issue contains "'God be the judge between us!:' Final Steps in the March to Civil War, January - April 1861," by Katherine W. Giles, pp. 12 - 25.

There will be plenty of opportunities - and discussion - to come on Fort Sumter and the terrible bloodletting over the subsequent 4 1/2 years.

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