26 March 2014

Website Confusion?

There's a new website in town with an address that just might confuse some folks.  The recently launched website of the Beaufort District African Methodist Episcopal Church is  http://www.beaufortdistrict.org.  The official website of the Beaufort County Library's Beaufort District Collection is http://www.beaufortcountylibrary.org/htdocs-sirsi/normal.htm. As you can see, our web address is quite different than their address.  The web address for this blog http://www.beaufortdistrictcollectionconnections.blogspot.com is much longer than their website address.     

Another way we are different than the Beaufort District AME Church is in our focus and scope.  We concentrate on the people, places, themes, Gullah culture, environmental history, archaeology and genealogy of Beaufort, Hampton, and Jasper Counties, 10,000 BCE to circa 1964 and share materials, programs, and services on those topics. We do indeed include religious history, but our collection goes well beyond religious history. Our website is part of our parent organization's array of programs, services, and units. 

We also answer to different authorities.  Our higher authority is the Library Board of Trustees per State law. I have no doubt that the Beaufort District AME Church considers its higher authority as God. 

Be sure that you've got the "right" Beaufort District when you're surfing on the web to learn more about the history, culture and environment of our wonderful part of the South Carolina lowcountry.  

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