09 August 2013

Sunday is "National Spirit of '45 Day"

Among our newest holidays is "Spirit of '45 Day" upon which the contributions of America's "Greatest Generation," those who lived, died, and fought during the worldwide conflagration of World War II, are honored and remembered. According to Warren Hegg, National Supervisor of "Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive!" grassroots initiative that led to the creation of the national celebration, “1945 was the defining year of the last century, and virtually every city and town in America has a story to tell about what happened in their community on August 14.”  

What was Beaufort like on V-J Day?  The only newspaper published in  Beaufort County at the time was the weekly Beaufort Gazette which came out on Fridays.  The Surrender of the Japanese Forces on August 14 was the topic of the next Beaufort Gazette issue on Friday, August 17, 1945.  The banner headline proclaimed "PEACE ON EARTH." 

Visit the National Spirit of '45 website for more information.
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